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Practice notes: Kurt Rambis doesn't want Kristaps Porzingis to play for Latvia this summer

Rambo plays the heavy.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks practiced Friday afternoon at Georgetown University. The view was certainly inspiring.

I'd be scared as hell to shoot a basketball under the glare of Patrick Ewing.

The big basketball-related news of the day was Kurt Rambis making public his preference that Kristaps Porzingis not play internationally for Latvia in this summer's Olympic qualifying tournament:

Yo, what if Phil Jackson promoted Rambis simply to force him to be the callous bastard who had to tell Kristaps he shouldn't play for his country? #StayWoke

Finally, congratulations to Robin Lopez on the newest addition to his family:

Hopefully Muppet will form an alliance with Robin's cat Prince Edward Zephyr to defeat Brook's cat. Come get some, Poupin!