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Wassup in Westchester: Cleanthony Early is sick, W-Knicks win anyway

W-Knicks 113, BayHawks 95

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Well, that's one mystery solved.

Cleanthony Early missed his second consecutive game Friday night, only this time he was joined by Thanasis Antetokounmpo and Travis Trice. Thankfully, your intrepid reporter got to the bottom of the situation:

Seriously, does anyone on Earth have worse luck than Cle? He comes all the way back from a gunshot wound, then gets sick after one game. Get well soon Cle, Thanasis and (I'm assuming) Travis!

Not that the W-Knicks were entirely defenseless in their matchup with the Erie BayHawks -- in fact, the remaining Westchestrians wasted little time in dismantling their BayHawk foes by the score of 113-95. Three W-Knicks -- Jimmer Fredette, Jordon Crawford and Ra'shad James -- scored at least 25 points.


Jimmer Fredette

Jordon Crawford

Ra'shad James

I loves me a good Jordon Crawford performance. Every D-League team should have a 5'6" dude on the roster. Just let him run around like a wild man.

Only six games remain for the W-Knicks, who remain safely ensconced in the fourth (and final) playoff spot in the East.