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The Knicks won't re-sign Jimmer Fredette, life as we know it is over

It's so say Jimmer's 10-day contract.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Embrace the void, my friends. The magnificent Jimmer Fredette -- light of our lives, fire of our loins -- has played his last game as a New York Knick.

The BYU and D-League legend put together what is quite simply one of the finest statistical seasons in franchise history. According to Basketball-Reference, Jimmer's 2015-16 campaign ranks third all-time, behind Knicks greats Jackie Butler and Jerome James:

Or perhaps you prefer player efficiency rating ... where Jimmer ranks second in club history!

Just look at that scrub, Carmelo Anthony, waaaaay down at the bottom of that list. I suppose he gets to keep his job though! How does this happen? Politics, man. This country wants to keep Jimmer down. Keep everybody weak. They don't want a man like Jimmer to have the title roster spot because he's not a puppet like that fool up there Melo.

And so Jimmer walked out of our lives forever. But we'll always have the memories of "Jim-mer" chants raining down from the Garden rafters, with a forcefulness we haven't heard from Knicks fans since the heady days of "We want Chris Smith!"

Farewell, sweet prince.