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Kings 88, Knicks 80: Scenes from a game that is over, which is good

Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

That was really bleak! I don't think I've ever heard Mike Breen brim with so much scorn as he did calling the Knicks' Melo-less, feckless loss to the Kings. Carmelo Anthony sat with migraine symptoms, and feck made itself scarce most of the way. 11 Knicks participated. None of them hit half their shots. Robin Lopez played roughly level with DeMarcus Cousins -- each landing blows from start to buzzer.

But no other Knick found more than streaks of success. Kristaps Porzingis had his moments, Derrick Williams had his moments, and Kurt Rambis let Jerian Grant's streak run longer and wider than usual ...

... but neither connected quite enough to keep it even. The Kings aren't a good defense, but they moved around enough to challenge most shots. Without their guy best at making those challenged shots, New York barely scored. Aaaaaaaand that's it.

Shoutout to Cleanthony Early, who is back, and who got to step on the floor, at least.