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Knicks reassign Cleanthony Early to D-League...which is a good thing

Make lemonade from these lemons, young Cle!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Oh well, it was a fun 19 seconds.

New York Knicks forward Cleanthony Early is headed back to Westchester:

Cle was inserted into Sunday night's home game against the Kings just before halftime -- his first taste of NBA action since being shot in the knee in a Dec. 30 robbery. It was a nice moment in an otherwise not-so-nice game.

Let's play devil's advocate here and say that the Knicks are making the right decision, even with fellow forwards Carmelo Anthony and Lance Thomas nursing various injuries. Early's total game experience since his return amounts to 14 minutes of D-League action, plus those 19 seconds of NBA time. He missed the W-Knicks' last two games with some sort of illness. The kid needs as many minutes as possible, and that ain't gonna happen in New York at the moment.

Chin up, young Cleanthony. You'll be back at MSG before you know it.