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The Knicks' Tony Wroten signing involved tiny table, Jamal Crawford and possibly a time machine

1.21 gigawatts!

Knicks fans won't be able to watch Tony Wroten this season, as he continues to rehab from ACL surgery, but that doesn't mean he can't provide us with entertainment and intrigue. Just check out this tweet from the team's official PR account:

There is so much going on here. We begin, as always, with the tiny table. What more can we say about the little guy at this point: He always brings it. Just look at the way he holds up not only the contract, but what appears to be a Dasani bottle filled with orange soda. Probably the most consistent Knick since Patrick Ewing IMO.

Beyond that, things start to get a little strange. Why cc: Jamal Crawford? Tony Wroten is a Seattle guy through and through, and those Seattle kids all look up to Jamal.

OK, so the Crawford thing can be explained. But look at the date: March 16, 2015, paired with a #TurnBackTheClock hashtag. The answer seems clear: The New York Knicks have finally perfected their time machine. And they used it in the most Knicksian way imaginable, traveling one year into the past so they could sign Tony Wroten, who was already injured at the time.

When you put it that way, it all makes perfect sense.