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Carmelo Anthony is migraine-free, and Tony Wroten is here

Unfortunately not everyone is ready to go.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks' record has been a little up and a lotta down, yet, even with some coach upheaval, this crew seems to have turned a new leaf. The manic stages aren't as pronounced, and the depression is more bearable somehow. Carmelo Anthony has been a sensible dad all season. He opened today's media session with the alacrity of a proud papa.

My grade school teachers would have eaten that one alive. Nevertheless, Dad Melo seems to be clear of all the headache-inducing stuff and ready for his normal on-court participation.

The whole band was at practice today. Wasn't a full dress rehearsal, though.

Speaking of Tony Wroten...

Tony is clearly on the All NBA First Team for whipping around and locking in on reporters! Most likely won't join the team on anything but the practice court, but it's nice to see someone that is eager and engaged at this point of the season. Hopefully his energy can be a bit of a complex vitamin super dose in the team's gluteus.