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Knicks 106, Bulls 94: Scenes from another whomping!?

Good game, good gam, good ga, good g, goo g, go g, gg, gg, g ga, g gam, g game, go game, goo game, good game.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Hey it was like the same thing as yesterday, only in New York! So it's like the same people and they did the same stuff. Chicago even waved at one of New York's patented fake comebacks again. I wonder if the crowd was different? Maybe it was the same. For some reason this David Hasslehoff was at the game. He was wearing a shirt of himself. Not sure if I think that's despicable or impeccable. One way or another: the Hoff.

Was he at the game in Chicago? Should we be getting ready for the next act to his tiresome career? Don't care. Let's watch Kristaps bomb the bumba.

After this bumba got bombed, Carmelo passed out of the double team again and Porzingis aced another one.

He was not happy however...

Talk is cheap, though. Gotta walk it out.

My main man! Of course he wasn't the only guy who scored and made plays. Check out this award winning delay of game by Carmelo Anthony. The best part is that the ball did not lie when the Knicks got their second delay of game later on.

To wind down the third quarter, the Knicks decided to control the possessions and ran a floppy play for Arron Afflalo. He made a great read and stretched Nikola Mirotic into no man's land. Then shimmied back out to the corner and dropped a tres.

They immediately ran the play on the left side of the floor next time down and nearly got a Porzingis layup out of it. Afflalo was now fully engaged, though, and they played the clock beautifully.

Then some bench brethren started to pick Chicago apart. Langston Galloway brought his voracious rebound appetite and then decided to get greedy leaving three lazy Bulls in his rearview.

That begat the crown jewel.

WONG!!!!! Oh man, so good.

The Bulls gave up just before that, but the Knicks still ran downhill to the end. Not sitting on the lead allowed them to withstand a desperation flurry of baskets. These Knicks just have these Bulls figured out. Seth (!) will recapture this affair a little later. Hey back-to-back wins! It's been back-to-back months since the last time that happened! Woo hoo!