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Carmelo Anthony's history of getting seriously fired up for Syracuse tournament games

Melo is a rather intense fan of the Orange.

Nate Shron/Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony holds a special place in the hearts of Syracuse basketball fans. He was, after all, the Most Outstanding Player of the 2003 NCAA Final Four, the heart and soul of the university's first and only national championship. 'Cuse fans are still crazy for Melo.

Well, the feeling is mutual. Melo went a little crazy himself on Saturday night celebrating the Orange's 63-60 win over Gonzaga. Fortunately his wife La La was there to capture the madness:

@djkhaled "THEY" didn't want Syracuse to win! lala stay away from "THEY" !!!!

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"They suspended us" is in reference to an early-season suspension served by his former coach, Jim Boeheim. Melo apparently took that punishment rather personally.

At least this time Melo was caping for his alma mater from the comfort of his own home. He has also tried to get his Knicks teammates -- none of whom went to Syracuse -- to get hyped for the Orange during practice:

My favorite memory of Melo's 'Cuse madness came during the 2013 tournament, when he bet Chris Herring that the Orange would beat Michigan in the Final Four. Syracuse lost, and had to wear a Michigan shirt in public during the Knicks' trip to Oklahoma City. Chris scoured the local sporting goods stores, but couldn't find a Michigan shirt, so he made Melo wear Michigan blue instead:

Look at that sour-ass expression! He looks legitimately miserable! Melo is every bit the lunatic fan as the rest of us.

The Orange will take on No. 1 seed Virginia on Sunday, with a trip to the Final Four on the line. We're begging you, Mrs. Anthony, please record him freaking out.