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P&T Round(ball) Table: How would you spend an evening in Colorado with Phil Jackson?

Legitimate discussions!

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

It's Easter Sunday, which means quite a few P&T'ers will be sitting down to a nice, big family dinner. (To my Jewish friends, let me just wish y'all a happy early Passover; to my Chinese friends, a happy early Tomb-Sweeping Day.)

On the Knickerbocker front, Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson already celebrated a quality meal in Colorado during a recent road trip:

So Melo chose the lamb, eh? Excellent decision. But what about the rest of us? Let's say Phil Jackson were to invite you out to dinner on a crisp Colorado evening. What would you order? Naturally you and the Zen Master would take a trip to the Medicine Man dispensary -- the most Phil Jackson-sounding dispensary in the Denver metropolitan area. You would then have to end the evening with some munchables.

Off to the round table, where the P&T staff have planned their ideal evenings.

Joe Flynn

I believe I'll start out with a buffalo steak -- Phil's Native American friends knew to use all parts of the buffalo. I'd like a side of mashed potatoes, followed by a bowl of White Poison. At that point we'd have to leave the restaurant and cruise the local supermarkets to find out if they have pudding pops in Colorado. Finally, we finish it off with some Doritos ... the most Triangular of all snacks.

Matt Miranda

Soup. I'd eat soup with Phil Jackson. Preferably a bisque or chowder. I haven't figured out how to grow out my beard without food getting all up in there. Phil used to have big beards, so while he's clean-shaven today, I wanna see his approach to soup. If he still eats soup like he has a beard, I'll feel confident he's on the right track to fixing the Knicks. If he drinks it like a skinface, I'll know he's lost his fastball. That's a metaphor.

Once the soup is finished, we split a couple grams of East Coast Sour Diesel. Afterward we watch Duck Soup by the Marx Brothers. I don't expect a hug when we part. I do hold out hope for a firm shoulder pat.


I'm not 21 years of age so I didn't enter the website.

Jonathan Schulman

Never one to suffer couch lock, me and Philly gonna bounce around and run some errands. We hop in the '83 Pajero Wagon, the dogs can sled in the back-back. Jeannie poppin' them Girl Scout Cookies in the Medansky blue peace offerer. First we hit up the King Soopers and cruise the lanes. We need the stuff for Dark & Stormy's and then we're shuffling through past the chips. Just peekin' but might gotta slip some pumpernickel pretzels in the cart. Then we goin breakfast style. Grab some russets and avocados. Float by the chips again and we're on the way to get cheese and eggs. We leave Phil so he can ponder what cheeses need needing. Melo wants gummy bears. We find one that's just a singular huge gummy bear. We zone out, this is it. I accidentally come across the family size boxes of pop tarts. That brown sugar cinnamon sound right to me! Over in the deli we come across Phil gettin a huge slab of bacon thickly sliced. He's got several different cheeses in a basket with masarepa, and two bars of dark chocolate with sea salt. We're goin' in on several hot sauces and then we can bounce.

Back to the Pajero, steaming and gleaming. We had something else to do.