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An angel of mercy disguised as a small child consoles Carmelo Anthony on the court

Angels are for real.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. His humble servant, Carmelo Anthony, despaired at the thought of yet another pathetic defeat for his New York Knicks. With a few seconds remaining, and the fiendish Kurt Rambis determined to drag the game out until his spirit broke, Melo needed to find the strength to go on.

He received that strength in the form of a hug from a small child who ran out onto the court.

Who's kid, indeed. The creature we saw was a cherub -- a member of the second-highest order of angels, beautiful and child-like in appearance. He descended from heaven to aid Melo in his time of need. Kristaps Porzingis also appeared to get a kick out of it.

The Knicks would lose the game, 99-91, but they also discovered that angels are real. Pretty fair trade, if you ask me.