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Tim Frazier would be a good fit in New York

I like Tim Frazier.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

You may feel that the Knicks could use some help-- that somewhere in their roster there was a little hole, or perhaps a chasm. Some of you may seek a grimy rebel who can dig his heels in on the defensive end and wreak reckless havoc. Still others may want an avant orchestrator who can inject a solid-fuel propulsion to this lifeless offense. Ya never know, you might just want someone who can simply operate under control at an actual NBA speed.

Lots of names have been tossed around, and they all have their (de)merits. Whatever the case may be, it shall eventually come to pass that the Knicks will take a stab at adding someone. In this lost season, it certainly doesn't appear that Jimmer Freddette had a chance to outplay anyone.

Tim Frazier (no relation to Clyde) can stuff the stat sheet peppers with his clever dishing. He definitely made an impression on me in this past Summer League. It's a tough environment to assess because the games tend to fall apart rapidly, but Frazier is always under control, looking to punish every little mistake.

He made a couple stops around the D-League and the NBA. Ridiculous Upside named him their D-League MVP last season. He definitely showed some chops by bringing the cantankerous Sixers some legitimate playmaking. If changing the Knick backcourt temperament is your bag, Frazier would instantly become their best penetrator and creator. Frazier would take no prisoners. Unlike Jose Calderon, who has taken us all hostage and refuses to execute. Check out these D-League highlights, notice that the first few magnificent plays come at the expense of your Westchester Knicks.

He's done damage at the NBA level as well, when he brought the cantankerous Sixers a positive jolt forward last year. They were still the Sixers, don't get me wrong, but Frazier opened some things up for a team that has been living out of boxes for years. I mean-- can you imagine someone who can set guys up cleanly and keep defenses honest? Any measure of excitement would be quite welcome.