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Scouting Knicks point guard prospects: Darren Rovell vs. the dabbing kid

It's age before beauty when evaluating Knicks guards.

The New York Knicks are still in the market for a point guard. My esteemed colleague, Mr. Schulman, profiled young Tim Frazier earlier this morning, but the team is exploring all options, even going so far as to enlist the help of Kristaps Porzingis in testing out potential candidates.

Porzingis was on hand Wednesdays to put a few young guards through their paces. The media caught wind of these workouts and zeroed in on two potential candidates. Let's break down their respective games and determine who has the inside track on earning that 15th roster spot.

Candidate No. 1: Darren Rovell

This plucky point guard has the game face and athleticism of a Matthew Dellavedova and may just be more irritating that Delly and Chris Paul combined. Also, like CP3 he's probably a big fan of State Farm commercials.

Let's see how he looks on the defensive end:

Let's speed things up a bit!

Sure, he's bad ... but is he "Jose Calderon" bad? Rovell is almost 40, so Kurt Rambis will probably play him 15-20 minutes a night. And he holds onto the ball like Gollum:

This guy probably has the leg up in the competition at the moment.

Candidate No. 2: Dabbing kid

So much to like here! Not only can the kid penetrate off the dribble, he would be the first Knicks guard in 7-10 years who can actually make a layup! And you gotta love that confidence.

On the downside, he's rather short for a Triangle guard -- shorter than Shane Larkin, even, and we all remember how much he struggled in the Knicks' offense. He never tried to post-up Porzingis; Rambis has no time for guys who can't operate in the post.

Sorry, kid. You've got spirit, but the Knicks are looking for more of a Sasha Vujacic-type -- you know, the kind of player who can draw an elbow to the head from Goran Dragic. That's definitely Rovell.

In conclusion: