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The relationship between Arron Afflalo and Kurt Rambis has become kinda weird

Who's in the right here? God only knows.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The benching of Arron Afflalo -- a non-story if ever there was one -- has devolved into "he said/he said" sniping through the media and cryptic Instagram posts ... you know, your normal run-of-the-mill 21st-century stuff.

Following Monday's loss to the Pelicans, Afflalo made it clear that head coach Kurt Rambis never discussed it the demotion with him:

Then Afflalo took to Instagram as part of his PR tour:

Keep in mind, Afflalo has been coming off the bench for eight games now. The timing is rather odd, to say the least. Is he even talking about the Knicks, or his NBA career? Maybe?

So will Rambis back down? You better believe he won't. Per Stefan Bondy:

"No, there's no thought to putting him back in (the starting lineup)," Rambis said. "It's something he's going to have to adjust to and figure out. He's going to have to provide for us what we know he can provide.

"We like the energy Sasha brings. We need some more speed in that starting group, somebody who can run the floor, push the basketball and play at a higher level of activity."

To his credit, Afflalo went on to take the high road with the media:

"It's different but all I can do is go out there and do my best. With seven games to go I'll be assessing what's best for me as a player," he said. "But right now I have to do what the team asks me and play the minutes and role that they ask me to do. And hopefully have more good games than bad."

And what does Phil Jackson have to say?

As with everything else in life, the Phil/Kurt/Arron relationship can best be explained with a Simpsons clip:

In this scenario, Phil is the doctor, Rambis is Homer, and Afflalo is Ned Flanders. And there you have it.


Afflalo keeps talking: