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Mavericks 91, Knicks 89: Scenes from a game that was always close but never fun

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It was a basketball game! It's over. Now we can watch other TV shows. First, here's what happened: The Knicks went back and forth with the Mavs for a while, playing one of those pick-up-like games in which the teams agree not to defend one another. The Knicks switched so much and miscommunicated SO much. It looked a lot like the basketball version of this:

Jerian Grant got to play a decent amount with Jose Calderon injured (thigh contusion). He wasn't amazing, but he had some nice moments driving, dishing, and ball-hawking:

Aaaand the game stayed close down the stretch, but New York stayed letting everyone get to the basket and totally locked up on the other end. This was the only bucket down the stretch, produced by the only guy in any rhythm all night:

After that it was some ugly iso possessions and a desperation Langston Galloway miss at the buzzer. So that's a loss. Whatever.