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Celtics 105, Knicks 104: Scenes from a game New York could have won but obviously did not

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Man, wow! That was quite shitty! The Knicks actually put together a pretty crisp offensive performance and weathered some runs, but squandered all of it with a limp final couple minutes. It sucks, because after a full month of total numbness, the combination of New York getting rare buckets and the Boston crowd getting all rowdy over their wildly uncharismatic tool gaggle of a team actually had my blood flowing. That actually hurt. Blegh. Oh well. Some things to look at:

Carmelo Anthony started missing gimmes, then got pretty hot the rest of the way:

This could have been the game-winner in a kinder world:

Jose Calderon actually drove a bit and passed into the paint and made a big difference in doing so:

Point guard stuff! Crazy!

Kristaps Porzingis barely got to play -- and not because of anything he did wrong -- but had some fine moments while he did spin:

Kyle O'Quinn played huge minutes in the third quarter, almost single-handedly undoing a big Boston run with a couple jumpers and some lovely passing:

And then....shit. The Knicks missed a couple layups while the Boston bench was still on the floor. Porzingis got pulled. Turnovers started to mount and feed Celtic fast breaks:

Lopez, who'd been awesome all night, forced and air-balled a hook. Avery Bradley got all the way to the rim.

And then, down 1, the Knicks just cleared out for Melo while he dribbled out the clock. After Boston gave their foul to give, the Knicks had no timeout (or at least that's what Kurt Rambis said. I don't care enough to check him. He's pretty bad at this job.) and absolutely no plan:

Sucked. Sucked a lot. Looking forward to no more Knicks games.