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Cleanthony Early has been assigned to the Westchester Knicks

Cle back! In Westchester, but he still back!

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Perhaps the only sad part of this glorious road trip photo of the New York Knicks is the absence of Cleanthony Early. The sophomore forward hasn't taken the court since being shot in the knee during a robbery attempt on Dec. 30, but had been practicing with the team and accompanying them on road trips recently.

As it turns out, the front had a reason for keeping Cle at home, and it is truly fantastic:

Hell yes! Cle is back, baby!

The Young Knickerbockers of Westchester Towne do not play until Wednesday evening in Canton. Could Early see some action in that contest? If he's good to go, the coaching staff will certainly make him a priority. They're not coached by Kurt Rambis, after all.

Westchester has but 10 games left in their regular season, but as of now they're holding onto the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. It would be nice to see him playing for the big club as soon as possible, but the prospect of Comeback Cle leading the W-Knicks on a Cinderella run through the D-League playoffs is also fun.