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Lance Thomas suffers practice knee injury, MRI reveals no structural damage

Not Lance!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports




Oh, crap.

Knicks forward Lance Thomas injured his knee in warmups prior to Tuesday night's contest with the Denver Nuggets:

And it gets worse ...

The dreaded non-contact injury. Thomas has already been ruled out for Tuesday, but this could be far more serious. Lance's knee has been a problem off and on for a while now, and had flared up in recent days. This RotoWire report came out on Sunday:

Lance Thomas has been impacted by a knee injury recently, ESPN New York reports.

The injury has not prevented Thomas from taking the court, but it seems to be affecting his performance. Thomas went 3-for-15 from the floor in a combined 53 minutes Tuesday and Friday. New York's coaching staff has remained impressed with Thomas' effort despite the ailment.

The Knicks did a great job of finding in Thomas a terrific role player who should help the club for years to come. That sounds like exactly the kind of player the MSG knee goblins would take from us.

Please be OK, Lance.