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Knicks 105, Nets 91: Scenes from a fun and youthful victory

Elsa/Getty Images

Knicks veterans ask Kurt Rambis to play the kids ---> Kurt Rambis plays the kids ---> The Knicks play a really fun game. Simple! Even if New York hadn't faced a bad opponent and shot preposterously well from outside (14-23), tonight would have been a very April, but still very entertaining performance. Jerian Grant started for the first time and played amply and competently, Cleanthony Early got to spin for real, and Derrick Williams and Langston Galloway each went off for a half. Let's look at some things!

Jerian Grant did some of his familiar driving and finishing:

... and also ran the hell out of some pick-and-roll in the second half:

2-4 from downtown, too!

Early missed a bit, and his timing wasn't all there, but he did finish some very nice-looking attempts:

Lang ended the first half with some luck:

... and after that it was all skill:

Melo very much enjoyed not having to take the floor late:

Galloway needed that kind of performance (18 points, 14 in the fourth quarter, 4 three-pointers, a bunch of really aggressive drives in transition.)

And in closing: