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Raptors 93, Knicks 89: Scenes of Jerian Grant doing things

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks lost. They got up to all sorts of Knicks-like bonery -- defensive breakdowns, rim-outs, bad turnovers, whatever -- in the final minute or two of a close game and lost because of it. Part of that was this pivotal non-event:

Cleanthony Early saved a stolen ball to a Sasha Vujacic three, taking out a table, some electronic equipment, Walt Frazier's knee, and some fans in the process.

His foot hit the table before he did anything, though, so it didn't count. That was that game. Here's some Jerian Grant fun!

Did a pretty admirable job shadowing Kyle Lowry when give the opportunity, too. Good job Jerian! Sorry y'all didn't win.