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Jimmer Fredette: "I probably won't be playing in the D-League next year"

We had some good times in Westchester.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmer Fredette will make an interesting footnote to the New York Knicks' 2015-16 season. He played most of the season for their D-League affiliate, and even received a 10-contract with the big club. Beyond that, his popularity with casual fans and beat writers made his every move into an event -- thousands of years from now, archaeologists will study newspaper archives from this period and probably come to the conclusion that he was far more important than, say, Robin Lopez.

So what's next for Jimmer? Probably not a return to Westchester, according to his interview with Ridiculous Upside's Chris Priczak:

"You never know whats going to happen," Fredette said. "I probably won't be playing in the D-League next year. I feel like the one year that I was able to come out and be able to get into a rhythm and prove to myself what I can do. And then it's all about furthering your career and finding whatever is best for your family at that point. So, hopefully it will be with an NBA team."

Jimmer spoke of contemplating offers from European clubs last autumn before deciding the join the W-Knicks. He dominated the minor leagues, but NBA teams's didn't show much interest. The Knicks even opted to sign an injured Tony Wroten over handing Jimmer a second 10-day deal. So, yeah, it might be time to get some of those sweet, sweet Euros.

If Jimmer is truly gone, he will be missed in White Plains. He was pure magic -- a D-League Steph Curry. Best of luck to you in the future, my man.