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Watch Kristaps Porzingis promise to eat Sasha Vujacic after losing at FIFA

That's illegal!

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Seraphin has diligently captured the special moments of moments of Kristaps Porzingis's rookie season. In many ways, he is the Howard Bingham to Porzingis's Muhammad Ali.

And just as Bingham was there to shoot footage of Ali's first loss to Joe Frazier, so was Seraphin there to capture the Latvian Unicorn's FIFA loss to Sasha Vujacic via the magic of Snapchat:

Highlights include:

"I'm gonna come back and murder him, just eat him like a gazelle ... and you're gonna watch him bleed, and just ... RRRRR!!"

"I've been the champ; I've been kicking ass!"

Kristaps's style is impetuous! His defense is impregnable! He's gonna eat your children!