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Wojnarowski: Phil Jackson met with David Blatt on Monday

Zen and Blatt, together at last!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Wojnarowski dropped one of his patented WojBombs regarding the New York Knicks, and for once the news was actually pretty good!

A real, live coaching interview-type meeting! Face-to-face, even!

OK, let's all take a deep breath. Blatt has been rumored to be one of the very, extremely, astonishingly few names on Phil Jackson's list of potential head coaches. For all we know, he is the first person other than interim coach Kurt Rambis to receive anything remotely resembling an interview. As you may recall, Phil spoke on the phone with his former player (and current Golden State Warriors assistant coach) Luke Waltonwhich led to a week-long parade of denials from everyone even remotely involved.

Walton is a Phil guy. Rambis is a Phil guy. Blatt is not. He's tight with vice president Steve Mills from their days at Princeton, however. Finally, a Princeton alum catches a break in the job market!

Sayeth the Woj:

Interim coach Kurt Rambis has remained a strong frontrunner to become the full-time coach, and it is unclear if the Blatt meeting was more than a token appearance in a coaching search.

Hopefully Blatt laid on a heaping helping of charm and Triangle jargon.

The P&T staff is currently shooting pure caffeine directly into our brains in order to follow this story with the utmost vigor and focus. Stay tuned for future updates.