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Carmelo Anthony talks coaching search, also may have dissed Beyoncé

Oh no you didn't, Melo!

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Remember Carmelo Anthony? Rather tall chap, enjoys basketball and wearing hats ... turn-offs include referees blowing whistles in his ear and glazed donut face asses. The star forward took a tour of the Dan Patrick Show and the Sports Illustrated offices this morning, ready to talk shop and sign sleeves.

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Naturally his interview with Patrick quickly turned to the subject of the Knicks' coaching search:

Fascinating. Phil seems to be taking his sweet-ass time picking a coach, so it doesn't necessarily mean anything that the two haven't talked as of yet. I'm sure Melo would like to provide his input before Phil actually picks someone, but God only knows when that will be.

Carmelo Anthony clearly loves the Knicks. He spent the first few weeks after the season staying as far away from the organization as humanly possible -- a desire that Knicks lovers understand all too well.

In other news, Melo essentially confirmed that Michael Jordan hunts drifters for sport ... and bets heavily on the outcome, of course:

We hear ya, Melo -wink, wink-.

If there's going to be any other takeaway from Melo's time at the SI offices, it will be the inevitable backlash from this controversial quote ...

No, no, no ... I mean this quote:

OH MY GOD DID MELO JUST STIR UP THE #BEYHIVE??? He is a dead man. They'll tear him limb-from-limb and pick the flesh right off his bones. And it won't stop there. Did you see what they did to Rachael Ray? I'd lock myself in a bunker right now if I were Melo Trimble, Fab Melo or Karl-Anthony Towns.

Next time, Mr. Anthony, try to choose your words a little more carefully.


Melo, buddy, I hear ya. I'm pretty sure Phil meant that the team played well in many of the games when Melo was out, but he just comes off like a freakin' goon. I wish that entire Phil exit interview would just disappear from the face of the Earth.

Also ...

So Melo went on another show and said exactly what he said on the first show. Story to come, y'all!