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As the season draws to an end, Knicks players get contemplative on Twitter

So many feels!

Elsa/Getty Images

For losing teams, the end of the regular season is a time to sit back and reflect on the journey. What went right? What went wrong? How should we feel? What does it all mean?

The New York Knicks may still have five games remaining in 2015-16, but several players have already taken to social media to put their performance -- both as individuals and as a team -- into perspective.

The most rational take on New York's season came from Kevin Seraphin:

The Sixers have ruined the word "process" for me. Next time, Mr. Seraphin, please use a synonym like #development. He's right about one thing, though: going from 17 wins to 30+ wins is a good sign. That's a lot more wins! It isn't enough to make the playoffs, and very few of those wins have come recently, but it is a clear sign of progress.

One key to Seraphin's "40+ wins" prediction will undoubtedly be the development of Jerian Grant. The past few days have been something of an emotional roller coaster, judging by his Twitter feed:

As it turned out, Grant didn't have to look too far forward to get that opportunity. The rookie started the very next game at point guard in place of the injured Jose Calderon, dropping 14 points and 4 assists in a win.

Mood: improved.

Let us end with Carmelo Anthony, the longest-tenured Knick. Melo took a timeout from essentially setting the team's rotation to thank the fans:

Kinda wish he'd skipped the #StayMe7o hashtag for once, but this was a nice gesture nonetheless. Like the time itself, the crowds at MSG haven't exactly covered themselves in glory this season -- how the hell could there be so many Miami Heat fans in New York? -- but he still took the time to appreciate those who have stuck with him on this sinking ship. Hopefully next year's season-ending #StayMe7o tweet will be a plea for fans to keep calm and prepare for the Knicks' first-round playoff series.