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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Carmelo Anthony talks Ninja Turtles

Kristaps Porzingis sponsors a basketball team, Robin Lopez wears a hat!

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

The final week of April saw Knicks players tackling a wide array of issues via social media. Let's take a look.

- Carmelo Anthony made headlines earlier this week talking about the Knicks' head coaching search. Maybe the lame-stream media should have spent more time investigating Melo's views on the Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles:

"We have some similarities. We all love pizza; we love New York." How can you want to trade this guy? He's essentially the fifth Ninja Turtle!

- Tony Wroten showed off some Rocky III-style beach training footage from last summer with Isaiah Thomas:

Top-notch stuff. Of course, Wroten will have to disown Isaiah Thomas now that he is a Knick.

- As for Jerian Grant, he advertised his basketball camp:

It'll be a star-studded affair, attended by the current starting point guard for the New York Knicks!

Hell yes, Jerian! I mean, it's technically true.

- Robin Lopez is chilling in India. Also, he apparently picked up a love of hats from Melo:

- Kristaps Porzingis lent his support to New Mexico RH in The Basketball Tournament:

... and he was named to the TBT First Team! Is there anything this kid can't do?

- Finally, Kevin Seraphin was a desperado:

Have a good week, everyone.