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Practice notes: Carmelo Anthony will play Wednesday; Kristaps Porzingis still doubtful

Melo's a go, Kristaps no.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

How about that NCAA title game, am I right? The tournament is over, which means we can get back to real basketball ... and by that I mean watching a 31-47 Knicks team run practice drills:

We got a little bit of bad news and a little bit of good news out of Monday's practice session.

Yay for Carmelo Anthony; nay for Kristaps Porzingis.

Honestly, it'll be a damn shame that Melo and Kristaps won't be getting more time together on the bench, where Melo has been imparting wisdom to his young protege. Per Ian Begley:

"Sometimes throughout the course of the game, it's a running conversation. Sometimes he has question: ‘What you think about this, what you think about that?' I give my input. Obviously he accepts it because he keeps coming aback for the advice and the input. I'm more than welcome to sit there and talk to him. What we have is not forced, it's organic. I try not to force it, he tries not to force it. it just comes naturally."

Sometimes I feel bad about the Knicks' coaching situation ... but then I remember that the real coach of the Knicks at the moment is Carmelo Anthony.