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The P&T guide to the Westchester Knicks' D-League playoff series

Game 1 is Tuesday night!


Now that I've got your attention, let's get you up to speed on the Westchester Knicks' three-game playoff series, which kicks off Tuesday night at 7 PM. Here's the schedule, courtesy of the D-League's official website:

The bad news is that Westchester will be facing the Sioux Falls Skyforce, who just set a new D-League wins record (40-10). They won ALL THE AWARDS last month:

In addition to Stokes, they have standout D-Leaguers Briante Weber, DeAndre Liggins and former Knick Toure' Murry. Et tu, Toure'? (I am so, so sorry for that joke -Ed.)

The good news? Of Sioux Falls' 10 regular-season losses, three came at the hands of our own W-Knicks. Head coach Mike Miller got the formula, yo!

Chris Reichert of Upside and Motor -- one of the most thorough D-League observers out there -- isn't bullish on Westchester's chances:

To hell with the experts! Anything can happen in a three-game series. But they really need to take care of business on Tuesday in Westchester; the final two games will be on the road.

Let's go, Westchester Knicks! You can go down in history as only the second Knicks team to win a playoff series in the last 15 years.