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A massively important Knicks FIFA tournament is underway

There's some important Knicks shit going on right now, guys. No, it's not the D-League playoffs. No, it's not whatever stupid games are left in the NBA season. It's this:

There it is .. No excuses The champ is here @manchesterunited let's get this W

A photo posted by Derrick Williams (@dwxxiii) on

KNICKS FIFA TOURNEY. (I believe "MM" is equipment manager Mike Martinez and "PL" is video guy Patrick Licursi.)

When I was in college and everyone else was doing parties, I was either watching the Knicks or playing FIFA. So this means a lot to me. The Knicks clearly play a lot of FIFA, and this tournament feels like a natural successor to the massive beef between Kristaps Porzingis and Sasha Vujacic over a match a few days back.

Alas, a second-round Sasha-Kristaps matchup doesn't appear to be in the cards, because at last update, Kevin Seraphin (Chelsea) had upset Sasha (Bayern Munich), apparently in penalty kicks:

We have to talk about team selections, by the way. I am not a big soccer fan and barely know these teams beyond their FIFA avatars, but Kristaps picking Man City kinda creeps me out. Lou Amundson, at last check, has a French girlfriend, so his PSG selection makes sense (and good for him taking down Barca!). Oh, and I like the Tony Wroten signing about 20% better because he picked Juventus.

A few photos from Seraphin's Snapchat:

I'm keeping my eye out for more updates, and for the ultimate winner of the belt (is that the same belt they use for free throw contests??). Please let me know if you see any. Also, I really want to know whose job it was to make the "FIFA Tournament" document and print it out and stuff.

I'm glad you're having fun, Knicks.