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IMPORTANT KNICKS UPDATE: The Final Four in the team FIFA tournament is set

Oh, it's still on!

How about we all take a break from Knicks coaching drama and focus on something far more important ... Knicks video game drama!

The first round of the team FIFA Tournament is complete:

Updated Bracket. Told y'all I'm no playing not games. Hi @kporzee.

A photo posted by T.Wroten (@twroten5_loe) on

Tony Wroten takes no prisoners, yo.

There has been much celebrating.

Let's not forget that Carmelo Anthony actually owns a professional soccer club in Puerto Rico; dude clearly knows what he's talking about here.

And so it is Kevin Seraphin vs. Wroten and Lou Amundson vs. Derrick Williams, with a trip to the Finals on the line. Seraphin has his eyes on the prize:

On the way to win that Fifa belt!!! #Knicks #fifa #champion #kslife

A photo posted by KEVIN SERAPHIN (@kslife7) on

Meanwhile, he was kind enough to give P&T an exclusive look into his team-selecting process:

Strong answer, Kevin. Godspeed to all the contestants. We'll keep you updated.