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Carmelo Anthony has been nominated for a Webby award for his VICE Sports series

Triumph of the digital athlete.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

They laughed when Carmelo Anthony said he aspired to be the "digital athlete." Well who's laughing now?

That's right, folks, our own Melo has been nominated in the distinguished category of "Online Film & Video/Performance & Craft/Best Web Personality/Host" at the 20th annual Webby Awards for his work hosting the "Stay Melo" series for VICE Sports.! His competition for the prize includes Tyler Oakley (loser), Kid President (child loser), The Slow Mo Guys (two losers) and some old hack named Jerry Seinfeld (Larry David carried him all those years).

In all seriousness, though, you should take this chance to view the five-part Stay Melo series. The Knicks forward visits Cuba, the slums of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Rikers Island:

It is an intimate view not only of the man himself, but the many social ills he feels need to be brought to light.

So get out there and VOTE, my friends! You're going down, Seinfeld!