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Knicks 109, 76ers 102: Scenes from the Jerian 'n' Robin show

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks beat the Sixers. Robert Covington had a career-high with all those threes for Philadelphia, but New York got double-digit scoring from six different guys, shot way way way better than the Sixers overall, and avoided blowing their double-digit lead at the end. Here's Robin Lopez swatting a fool. He swatted several:

(He also missed 6 of his first 7 free throws, then celebrated super sarcastically when he made the 8th one.)

And here's a lovely two-man game between Lopez and Jerian Grant, which dominated the last few minutes of the third quarter:

And! Here's Jerian staving off the Sixer rally with a big jumper in the final minute ... which pleased his dad Harvey!

Also I just want to confirm two things:

1. Rambis was totally gonna put Melo in there.

2. Melo's sprint to the locker room with like a minute left in the first half was a poo run. I know a poo run when I see one.

It's fun to watch Jerian learn. It's fun to watch him lead the Knicks to a win. Good job, Knicks.