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Derrick Williams wins inaugural Knicks FIFA tournament


They say soccer is the world's game. I happen to disagree -- between the U.S. women's national team's victory in the 2015 World Cup and Derrick Williams' domination of the Knicks first FIFA tournament, this game now belongs to 'MURICA!

Ever the gracious loser, Kevin Seraphin uploaded a "Best of the Knicks' FIFA Tournament" video for fans to enjoy.

Best videos of the Fifa tournament #kslife #fifa #champion #snapchat #kslife13

A video posted by KEVIN SERAPHIN (@kslife7) on

Kristaps Porzingis apologized to his fans after losing to Tony Wroten in the quarterfinals: "Next tournament we have, I won't let my fans down. They want me to win, they want me to succeed." Indeed we do, Kristaps!

Looking to save face, Porzingis predicted Wroten would go on to win the tournament, but the 22-year-old guard was knocked out by Seraphin in the semifinals. On the other side of the bracket, Williams took out Lou Amundson, setting up a USA-France final pairing.

Basketball-Reference calculates that Derrick Williams is fifth on the team in win shares, but now we know the truth: He is the Knicks' 2015-16 MVP.