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Robin Lopez takes photos, drops 'The Simpsons' references at Universal Studios

I thought the Generals were due!

Robin Lopez is famed for his nerdiness, attention to detail, and his resemblance to Sideshow Bob. All three came together this week when he paid a visit to the Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios. What followed was undoubtedly the greatest string of Simpsons-related Instagram photos in NBA history.

We begin, of course, with the two Bobs and Krusty the Klown:

You know what makes this? The multi-episode cross-referencing. There's the Sideshow Bob reference, Sideshow Mel reference ("You can be so cruel when you're sober.") and a "Homey the Clown" reference:

Here we have a more obscure reference from the season 11 episode "The Mansion Family."

He's just waiting for Homer to stop by to offer him a voyage on Mr. Burns's yacht into international waters, where there are no laws. That's where they held the Tyson-Secretariat fight!

And, of course, there was Bort ...

They're not out of Bort plates guys. All is well. #MySonIsAlsoNamedBort #Bort #TheSimpsons

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Quick aside: Back in 2008 I taught in a city called Hohhot. Chinese students always give themselves English names, usually by Chinese teachers with a rather tenuous grasp of the English language, and one 10-year-old boy somehow ended up being named Bort. For one magical summer I got to call on Bort in class. It was glorious.

Now that I think about it, Bort is probably going to college in the fall. I'm old.