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Isola: Phil Jackson and Steve Mills met with Frank Vogel

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Oh hey:

Phil Jackson met face-to-face with with former Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel last week, the Daily News has learned.

The clandestine meeting, which is believed to have taken place in Los Angeles, also included Knicks general manager Steve Mills, according to a team source.

That's from Frank Isola, and it's the only new information in a pretty long article.

So while everyone reports Phil Jackson favors Kurt Rambis, he and Steve Mills have sat down with David Blatt and Frank Vogel in the last few weeks. Both are good (Joe made his case for Vogel recently, and I'm also a fan), so I'm glad they're being considered! As far as we know, those three coaches are the only ones the Knicks have contacted, but as far as we know might not be very far.

(One more takeaway on that note: This is the second time one of these meetings has been reported days after the fact. When people whine about Phil being absent or delinquent, consider that they might just not know what's going on with him! "Clandestine" and all that, you know?)