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Jerian Grant's working out with Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and the Knicks sent a trainer to Latvia

Get better!

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Kristaps Porzingis might be chilling in Latvia at the moment, but a unicorn's work is never done. Ever the workaholic, Yung 'Staps is already putting in serious time at the gym. The Knicks are so serious about his conditioning that they sent Director of Performance Mubarak Malik to Latvia to oversee his training. Funny, I had just automatically assumed that since Phil Jackson didn't go to the Combine the front office was in a state of complete anarchy and had no idea where anyone was.

Watch Kristaps work!


Fortunately for Jerian Grant, he too is putting in offseason work to ensure Kristaps doesn't take his job. The scion of Harvey Grant gave Knicks fans hope for the future of the point guard position by finishing the season strong, and now he's found himself a workout mentor ...

Blessed and humbled with the opportunity to work with the legend @mahmoudar123 and he still got it

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Jerian, you magnificent bastard, if your basketball game improves to the level of your troll game you'll be an All-Star by next year! If the name Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf seems familiar to Knicks fans, it's because Phil Jackson stirred up a shitstorm a few months ago by Tweeting that the former Nugget had a game vaguely similar to that of reigning MVP Steph Curry. As I wrote at the time, it wasn't an insult.

Abdul-Rauf had one of the purest jumpers in the game, which makes him an ideal role model for Grant.

So there you have it, folks: Jerian Grant is learning to shoot like Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, and Kristaps Porzingis is learning to dribble like Steph Curry. I support both of these endeavors!