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Caviar, Jimmy Fallon and children's socks: Just another week in the life of Carmelo Anthony

Melo doing Melo things.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony has a great deal of money. Seth is probably the richest person I know (He rides on trains! He went to California once!) and the Knicks forward is wealthy even by Seth's lofty standards. And as a rich person, he is honor-bound to do rich people things, such as eating caviar.

Was the caviar Be7uga? I'm a bit surprised we didn't see a whole host of "look at fatty Melo eating food" tweets. The haters simply cannot accept the fact that the guy has a round, cherubic face.

If he wants to keep up his lifestyle of caviar and plastic spoons, Melo has to get out there and earn. That is why he continues to promote is crossover Melo/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brand of clothing, available this Saturday at Macy's!

What does "TMNT x MELO" equal? Are there any mathematicians in the audience?

Like all great designers, Melo went on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to talk Turtles:

Melo's son Kiyan turned into the main topic of discussion -- apparently him and Jimmy Fallon are buds who hang out at the game and talk about Snapchat. Personally I am disappointed in Melo -- if he wanted to find someone to mentor Kiyan in Snapchat, he should have asked the Snapchat King himself, teammate Kevin Seraphin.

Naturally he also does the Running Man challenge with Fallon. Melo seems less than enthused.

#StayMe7o, friends.