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The Knicks' Orlando Pro Summer League schedule has been announced


Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Looking forward to a fun week of watching the New York Knicks play in the Las Vegas Summer League by day and hitting the casinos by night? Well too damn bad, sucka! The Knicks will be heading instead to the Orlando Pro Summer League, and the games will not be open to the public.

Fun for the whole family!

Anyway, the Magic have announced the league schedule. I will only post the Knicks-related games because other teams are stupid and lame:

  • July 2nd, 3 PM: Knicks vs. Pistons
  • July 3rd, 3 PM: Knicks vs.Heat
  • July 5th, 3 PM: Knicks vs. Clippers
  • July 6th, 1 PM: Knicks vs. Orlando White (The Magic get two squads, because they're jerks)
  • July 8th: Championship Day (Every team plays)

If you're wondering why the Knicks are eschewing the more popular LVSL, apparently Phil Jackson "hates the Vegas scene." Hard to believe a guy who willingly lives on a ranch in Montana would be turned off by Sin City. I can see the logic of it from a coach's perspective: fewer distractions equals more focus on  basketball.

Go SummerKnicks! And remember to carry around plenty of mosquito repellent!