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Kristaps Porzingis returned to Sevilla and received a standing ovation from fans

Is it getting dusty in here?

I think we all can agree that Kristaps Porzingis is the greatest human being ever to walk the face of this planet. We know it in the Tri-State Area, and they know it on the Iberian Peninsula. That is why the good people of Seville took the time to serenade El unicornio during this weekend's Sevilla-Real Madrid match.

Yes, Sevilla fans chanted "M-V-P" for our boy. The crowd at MSG chanted the same thing at Jimmer Fredette this past season. In other words, Sevilla fans >>>>> Knicks fans.

Real Madrid held off Kristaps's old team by the score of 97-90. Sadly, Kristaps's buddy Willy Hernangomez did not make it off the bench. They did hang out after the game, however:

Don't call it a #comeback!

In other Willy news, an intrepid Twitter follower broke the news that Willy is actually pronounced "Billy":

Me gusta que me llamen "Billy" [por Willy] (aunque en el vestuario algunos le llaman "Williardo" en plan de broma). Es dificil que la gente entienda porque se escribe de una manera y se dice de otra, pero yo lo explico. Tengo familia en Alemania y allí la "W" se pronuncia como un "B". A mí abuelo le llamaban "Willy", con b, y me gusta que me llamen así.

Rough translation:

I like to be called "Billy" [Willy] (although in the locker room some call me "Williardo" as a joke). It's hard for people to understand because it is written one way and said another, but I'll explain. I have family in Germany and in German the 'W' is pronounced as a "B". They called my grandfather "Willy" with b, and I like to be called that.

Based on the four semesters of German I took in college, I'd say the German "W" is pronounced as a "V," but maybe there's some kooky German-to-Spanish translation stuff going on that I don't understand. All languages are weird. Anyway, that isn't going to stop me from using this: