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Playoff open thread: 05/24/16

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Warriors in trouble? Is Dion Waiters actually good now? Stay tuned!

Included with each matchup is a list of each team's unrestricted (UFA) and restricted (RFA) free agents. I've added a few players who will probably opt out of their contracts this summer, ignoring the Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan types who certainly aren't going anywhere.

Go future Knicks!

9:00 PM - Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Golden State Warriors

Thunder Free Agents: Kevin Durant (UFA), Nazr Mohammed(UFA), Dion Waiters (RFA), Randy Foye (UFA)

Warriors Free Agents: Harrison Barnes (RFA), Festus Ezili (RFA,Ian Clark (RFA), James Michael McAdoo (RFA), Marreese Speights (UFA), Leandro Barbosa (UFA), Brandon Rush (UFA),Anderson Varejao (UFA)