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News team stumbles across Clyde Frazier at LaGuardia during 'Memorial Day travel hassles' piece

In search of rejuvenation.

Memorial Day weekend is upon us once again. It is a time for fun and relaxation, but also for traffic jams and absurdly long airport security lines.

Local news programs love nothing more than a good old-fashioned "How to beat the holiday rush" segment, so ABC-7 sent a reporter out to LaGuardia Airport to talk some some regular folk about their plans. They found a nice elderly gentleman who arrived a few hours before his flight and was nice enough to talk ... HOLY CRAP IS THAT CLYDE???

Yep, there's Clyde Frazier, Knicks legend, probably jetting away to St. Croix, as always. Clyde said he needs "some rejuvenation", presumably from his hectic everyday life of picking out suits, eating at Clyde's Wine and Dine, and cruising around the city in his Rolls Royce.

QUESTION: Have you ever seen a human being looking that calm and content at LaGuardia ever, let alone on a busy travel day?

ANSWER: No. No you haven't.

Clyde Frazier is the Buddha of St. Croix. Enjoy your weekend, sir.