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Carmelo Anthony takes in a Mets game and answers questions about Jeff Hornacek, free agent recruiting

He's eager to get the hiring process over with.

One of the overarching themes of this New York Knicks offseason thus far has been that of Carmelo Anthony: Renaissance Man. We've seen Melo at the Met Gala, the White House Correspondents' Dinner, the Cannes Film Festival and various product launches. It's hard to believe such a classy gent would ever lower himself to attend something as vulgar as a sporting event. And yet Melo was in attendance for a very different Met Gala on Friday evening, taking in a Mets-Dodgers game at Citi Field.

Every time you think this guy truly understands New York, he shows up in a half-Mets, half-Yankees hat. That's a great way to piss off everybody. Melo hung out with the likes of Noah Syndergaard and Curtis Granderson and took in the debut of highly-touted Dodgers starter Julio Urias. He also touted his skills as a first baseman:

But enough about baseball. Let's talk Jeff Hornacek, dammit!


So true, my man. The veteran forward has been around long enough to know the deal isn't done until all the papers are signed.

As for the impending free agency period, Melo is still prepared to offer his recruiting services if called upon:

By all means, Knicks, let's work together to get some good players. Perhaps then Melo can spend future May evenings on more important, basketball-related endeavors.