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This week in Knicks social media: The roster is made up entirely of nerds!!!


Andrew Toth/Getty Images

The New York Knicks are a geek squad full of dork-ass poindexters, and never was that more apparent than during the final week of May. Naturally we had a great deal of Carmelo Anthony TMNT-related posts:

But he wasn't the only one going full-on fanboy. In an exclusive interview with P&T, nerd extraordinaire Robin Lopez announced that he will no longer be boycotting the CW show "The Flash."

In more adult nerd fare, Jerian Grant appeared crushed by the ending to last week's "Game of Thrones".

Poor Hodor.

Grant also took the time to catch the Cavaliers in action, and came away impressed.

I don't know which particular play he was talking about, but by all means, Jeff Hornacek, let Jerian run it!

Langston Galloway made sure to bring a snack for the fourth quarter of Saturday's epic Thunder-Warriors tilt:

Most importantly, we have the delightful twitter pen pal relationship between Melo and Kristaps Porzingis. Melo started it off with a very random, very touching Tweet:

Kristaps retweeted it, and then added a nice birthday tribute to his veteran teammate:

I love these guys.