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Frank Vogel, a very good coach Phil Jackson sort of knows, no longer coaches the Pacers

Thank you, based Bird.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Vogel is free! The Indiana Pacers coach was let go Thursday morning by team president Larry Bird in an press conference that damn near matched our own Phil Jackson's exit interview in terms of smug, rambling, spit-firing horse crap:

As we have previously discussed, Frank Vogel is an excellent basketball coach who does have somewhat of a connection to Phil through his former associate head coach, Brian Shaw. Do you believe in fate? If so, the idea of the Knicks finding a great coach due to the hubris of the Indiana Pacers' president/NBA legend is just too juicy to resist. We deserve this, my friends. We deserve this.

Sadly, the Knicks aren't the only team missing a coach.

The Sacramento Kings could also make a run -- both franchises are expected to interview (or have already interviewed) David Blatt, thus far the only confirmed non-Kurt Rambis candidate on the Phil Jackson's' radar.

Crap! This could prove an elegant answer to the question of who has the more coachable roster: New York or Houston. Nine out of 10 NBA experts will probably go with the Rockets, but I believe the Robin Lopez/Carmelo Anthony/Kristaps Porzingis/Jerian Grant core trumps James Harden, Clint Capela, Patrick Beverley and the dried-up husk of whatever remains of Houston's roster. As for the Kings, they have a worse reputation than the Knicks at this point. The Knicks could actually prove the most compelling candidate. if the front office could just get its shit together.