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NBA coaching carousel update: The Grizzlies fired Dave Joerger

A good coach hits the market, another team joins the hunt.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Wowsers, the NBA coaching carousel keeps spinning to its own unique beat. The Memphis Grizzlies shocked many observers by firing head coach Dave Joerger, who skillfully navigated an injury-decimated roster through the regular season before getting stomped by the Spurs in Round 1:

Joerger is a damn fine coach; unfortunately, his only connection with the Knicks is that he was coaching in the CBA when Isiah Thomas drove it into bankruptcy. He most assuredly will not be on Phil Jackson's radar.

But what does this mean for the other fine young coach released from a playoff team this week, Frank Vogel? Memphis will apparently look into hiring the Jersey native, but they are worried about ... the Knicks???

Has the world gone topsy-turvy? The Grizzlies are in pretty much the same boat as Indy -- known for defense, struggle on offense, recent history of success up to the Conference Finals. Would Vogel want to coach a similar squad in the Western Conference? Perhaps. One thing is certain: Vogel won't be coaching the Knicks unless they actually interview him. So please do that!