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Woj: Jeff Hornacek has reached agreement on three-year deal to coach the Knicks


Thinking about all that Dolan money!
Thinking about all that Dolan money!
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Drop dat bomb, Adrian Wojnarowski!!

Jeff Hornacek has reached agreement on a three-year contract to coach the New York Knicks, league sources told The Vertical.

That breeze you just felt was the collective sigh of relief from millions of Knicks fans. The deed is done! Jeff Hornacek had been New York's unofficial coach for what seemed like a decade. There will be no last-second shenanigans, no second team pulling him away from us as the Warriors did with Steve Kerr, no Kurt Rambis crawling through air ducts trying to drop in undetected and sign his name to the contract, none of that. I mean, hopefully ... this is still the Knicks we're talking about, here.

While we don't yet know the financial details (UPDATE: $15 million, per Isola) apparently Phil Jackson (or at least someone in the Knicks' front office) learned from the five-year contract he handed out to Derek Fisher. Hornacek will only get three years despite having actual head coaching experience ... like, in the NBA and stuff.

Per the Woj, the Knicks will hold a press conference later this week ... plenty of time for the New York papers to come up with more "Horny" headlines. We'll keep you posted.