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I went to the Anthony Mason Way street renaming ceremony

It was beautiful.

Anthony Mason's family and Queens Councilman Ruben Wills hosted a small, joyous celebration-- the culmination of a vision and the hard work of many united hands. Anthony Mason Way represents the strength of love and perseverance, a dedication to the effort and respect we all need to know where we are and where we're going.

When the great John Starks arrived, he went straight to Mason's grandmother and put his grinning face right up to hers as she lit up, "Ooh!" Clearly one on a huge list of favorites she must have developed over the years. Teresa Weatherspoon spun her way through the crowd. Mason's famed barber, Cutty, stood proudly. A strong Tennessee State contingent happily bustled around, all cherishing the powerful legacy of a humble friend. Everyone was part of the family this day.

Councilman Wills took the long way to the center, greeting policeman on the perimeter and ambling through the closely knit crowd, speaking briefly and shaking hands. Once up front Wills' calm and buoyant New York accent soothed the crowd and drew everyone into the moment. Anthony Mason Jr implored us to spread love and happiness. This crack of hurt should be filled with warmth. Antoine Mason wanted everyone to remember how Anthony Sr. was a perpetual jokester who wanted everyone to embrace each waking moment the way he did. Later Starks growled out an impression of "The Beast", a quiet and gentle family man.

Someone on a balcony excitedly hollered over the scene "Cousin!" to a member of the crowd, "I'll call you later." Shushed, she reiterated "Call you later". A girl behind me sucked her teeth and pouted "this is nice" as if to imply there wasn't enough recognition of this charming little New York minute. A gorgeous Saturday morning encapsulating the galaxy of Queens and one of its most treasured marvels in South Jamaica.