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Kristaps Porzingis and Kyle O'Quinn are working out in Latvia

Ian Begley traveled to Latvia to shoot footage of the Unicorn in his natural habitat.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Would you like to see photos of Kristaps Porzingis working out? If your answer is "no" then GET THE HELL OFF THIS WEBSITE!!!!

Now that we've gotten rid of those weirdos, let's get down to business! Ian Begley traveled to the merry old land of Latvia and shot some wonderful footage of Kristaps at work on his own personal courts. Clearly, the kid has taken branding lessons from teammate Carmelo Anthony. #StayMe70.

Kristaps isn't working out alone. Fellow Knicks big man Kyle O'Quinn has joined him, as has assistant coach Josh Longstaff.

You'd have to figure this bodes well for Longstaff's future with new head coach Jeff Hornacek. He and fellow assistant Brian Keefe are holdovers from from Derek Fisher's tenure -- Fish met them while they were assistants for the Thunder -- but they are both hard-working, well-respected coaches. I seriously doubt Phil Jackson would be letting Longstaff work with the future of the franchise if he were ready to shit-can him. Then again, maybe Hornacek has other plans. Who knows?

Let's also hope we can take this as a signal that O'Quinn is serious about his offseason conditioning. Last season was a bust, but he's still on the roster, and the backup center position is still open.

One thing is certain: We'll never have to worry about Kristaps slacking off:

Begley notes that they've also been working on improving his first step. Kristaps is 20 years old and he already has the work ethic of a Kobe Bryant. Kid is going to destroy the NBA.