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Stein: Jeff Hornacek looking to add Jerry Sichting and Andy Greer to his coaching staff


Jerry Sichting bore a disturbing resemblance to Chris Kattan during his playing days.
Jerry Sichting bore a disturbing resemblance to Chris Kattan during his playing days.
Tim DeFrisco/Getty Images

A head coach is only as good as his assistants. I believe it was Otto von Bismarck who uttered those famous words. Newly-appointed Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek has already worked out a deal with Kurt Rambis, now all he needs to do is fill out the rest of the staff with assistants who won't throw a hissy-fit every time Kristaps Porzingis pulls up for a wide-open three.

To that end, Marc Stein dropped a couple of names on Hornacek's wish list:

Sichting spent years with Hornacek in Phoenix as his offensive coordinator. Here's a write-up we did of him and several other former Horny assistants (not to be confused with "horny assistants"). Sichting is famous for duking it out with Ralph Sampson in the 1986 Finals, so Knicks fans will probably like him. It's nice to see Hornacek bringing in one of offensive minds behind his uptempo Suns offenses.

As for Greer ...

Greer has been with the Raptors for one season, during which the club's defensive efficiency rose from an unsightly 24th to a perfectly respectable 11th. He also worked under Tom Thibodeau for five years in Chicago. He got his first NBA gig in 2001 coaching some ragamuffin squad calling themselves the "New York Knickerbockers". I suppose that means he was hired by Jeff Van Gundy and worked under him for the 19 games before he resigned. Either way, the Thibs/JVG connection will have Knicks fans dancing naked in the streets. Please snag this guy, Jeff.

As always, we'll keep you updated on the assistant coach hunt.