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Know the Prospect: Kay Felder

Would Phil Jackson buck convention and pick this tiny spark plug?

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past three years the Knicks have dedicated themselves to bucking the small-ball trend dominating the league at present. The East is big, after all.

So you can imagine my surprise, then, when the team worked out point guard Kay Felder:

Everything about Felder screams "tiny dynamo". He grades out at a mere 5'9" in shoes, though he does possess a 6'2" wingspan, and plied his trade at mid-major Oakland University (in Michigan, of course). But man oh man did he ever put up some numbers in his junior year (courtesy of Sports-Reference):

How did such a wee guard manage 24.4 points and 9.3 assists per game? By mastering just about every trick in the small guard book. This might be the best DraftExpress video I've watched all year:

Listed among his weaknesses are finishing against length and an erratic floater ... sounds like a Knicks guard to me!

DraftExpress also noted that Felder played some pesky D during the Combine scrimmages against the likes of Melo Trimble and Cat Barber. He carried a massive load on offense in college, so it's difficult to know just how effective he could be defensively given fewer minutes.

Should the Knicks acquire a second-rounder, there may be guards remaining on the board who would fit this team far better than Kay Felder. But, man, would I love to see this kid get a chance to light up Summer League, Westchester, and maybe even one day the Knicks' second unit. Also, Stingy pointed out that he looks like a tiny J.R. Rider, which is always a good thing.